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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons


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Blue Moon of mourning When the world is the life of the extraterrestrial alien invasion, killing one empty, only one person survival of the entire planet. He? Why only one he survive? He was taken away in lightning his soul, see the God. He looks forward to death, but God told him that he could not die, but he wanted to revenge for all mankind. He asked God : "Why should we elect him? "God's family said :" Because of your existence is neither. " God told him to have a crystal skull. Then leave. . . He first in the ruins of the British Museum found crystal skull. He said to remember that God has his own crystal skull about every section of happiness and pain, which dominated the blue moon crystal skull. That the destruction of Tibet in the Asian continent Mrs. authorization of the pyramid remains the method of God, which can destroy the blue moon. He first complained, their happy life in the army, but later, triggered by several extraterrestrial alien puppet World War, the war led to a straightforward human ceased. Crystal skull that is to find a 'spell' evil diamonds. He immediately went to the headquarters of extraterrestrial alien in blue moon, they can secure a diamond. Meanwhile, in the confrontation with the extraterrestrial alien, that the original of the present asteroid dinosaur 六chiigoaovannen former destruction, but also to introduce them to the Blue Moon orbit. And they are a global catastrophe, they may miss their best opportunity for the invasion. Once again, they have to possess the capacity, Mankind has towards the Moon here. He returned to the cave to continue to tell their own sufferings and hardships of childhood, in his eight-year, the parents divorced, he followed his mother to live together. 1 own home heating careless carbon monoxide poisoning, after a near-death to the heaven a watch, to see a life unforgettable girls, also met God, the three were returned after the rescue, mother has left him. But after she was in his favor is precious. "to find a mysterious sarcophagus, where God remains. In the Caribbean movies "black pearl" of. Crystal skull said : and gave him a helicopter, let him direct, non-Caribbean Basin. Suddenly, he did not know what was transmitted to the "black pearl", and then God attached to his body, lifted itself from the "black pearl" Captain thousands of years of resentment and makes the captain to help him win. However, when they celebrate it, but suddenly incoming extraterrestrial alien. UFO will just lift the beam "God curse" 11 people killed. With heaven and he is the shadow of girls, escaped, and of course this is God guidelines. He thus in the minds of an underground lake, and here is the disappearance of many years of the Maya culture, He was told. God acts because they have been prohibited indium. When he asked Maya to help him, it was rejected. He returned to the "black pearl" of the --- dilapidated. And the crew had no life, he found that the mysterious sarcophagus, sarcophagus at the direction of the Asian continent Mrs. NAL pyramid, he's sitting in a broken-every piece of downstream drift do not know how long he has been meeting by chance from the Atlantis Mermaid. . . Then he returned to the crystal skull with the former first love various Glamour. . . Finally, the time to begin a turn. . . Ukraine has also contributed all, come! ! !